Rémi Lécuyer

Rémi Lécuyer

Account Executive, Chadderdon Lestingi Creative Services


Rémi Lécuyer is passionate about people. At Chadderdon Lestingi Creative Services, Rémi specializes in digital strategy, working with clients to facilitate organic conversations with voters. He believes campaigns are about developing relationships, and technology affords us some amazing opportunities to connect candidates with constituents.

Rémi’s career is varied and unique. He cut his teeth in-house at the 9:30 Club, and helped develop a national identity for local creative producers with “A Creative DC.” He is a grassroots veteran, including working with Progressive Maryland and Sheldon for DC. He created a youth-driven policy institute, a digital media company, and most recently a market research + strategic communications consulting shop.

Rémi once got into a wee scuffle with Nas’ personal bodyguard, and owes his triaging talents to a short stint as a line cook. When he’s not obsessing over human behavior, he can be found riding motorcycles and dry aging primal cuts of beef.