Kate Faherty

Kate Faherty

COO, Campaign Inbox


Kate Faherty is the COO of Campaign Inbox, an email marketing company focused on email activism and fundraising, and offering data-driven solutions to grow each client’s email list. Kate takes a comprehensive approach to email marketing by discovering innovative growth marketing and automation solutions to the problems that political campaigns, committees and organizations face when raising money, activating online audiences, and turning out voters.

Prior to joining Campaign Inbox, Kate worked as a Senior Strategist at IMGE where she developed and executed email marketing and online fundraising strategy for political clients. Her work in the 2016 cycle focused on personalizing and automating the user experience for email users to increase a variety of online conversions for clients, from voter turnout to fundraising and converting recurring donors. She also worked as the Email Marketing Director for Governor Scott Walker’s 2016 presidential campaign, executing email fundraising and communication strategy across campaign departments.

Previously, Kate worked at the Republican National Committee as a Political Email Specialist, where she developed and executed email strategy for targeted battleground races as well as large-scale committee fundraising and online engagement efforts. Kate is a graduate of American University.